Oz 2001
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Perth skyline by Linda MacAuley

Australian Holiday, March 2001

Here are some photographs taken in March 2001 during my trip to Perth. Click on a thumbnail image for a larger view.

Grace the cricketer [81kB]

Rose and Grace [87kB]


The Burnfields and friends

Christine and Grace [78kB]

Rose, Jo, Stuart and Christine [114kB]

Tahlia the cricketer [85kB]

Rose studying [131kB]
The fisherman [112kB] Rudy & Jackie, Mandurah

Rudy, Christine and Jackie [113kB]
The fisherman triumphant [96kB]
Treetops [207kB]

Futher on the walk [194kB]

Christine on main span [230kB]


(and some people)

Valley of the Giants, Walpole-Nornalup National Park

First steps on treewalk [190kB]

Looking down [208kB]

Looking back [232kB]

More treetops [226kB]

Highest span [198kB]

Marc on treetop walk [206kB]
Marc, red tingle, artistic lens flare [206kB]

Red tingle [194kB]
Giants' fingers [192kB]

More giants' fingers [188kB]

Burnt-out tree [205kB]
Christine, red tingle [173kB]

Over the treetops [141kB]

Busselton jetty [80kB]
Rocky beach at Yallingup [159kB] Yallingup

Christine at Yallingup [119kB]
Rockpools at Yallingup [151kB]
  Hillary's Boat Harbour

Hillary's Boat Harbour from the South [77kB]
Inside the shark tank [67kB]


AQWA at Hillary's

Crocodile [51kB]
Seal [74kB]
Penguins [123kB] Perth zoo Flying penguin [141kB]
Nesting colony [234kB] Stork? [141kB] Male and female parrot [140kB]
Pelican (2) [121kB] Pelicans (1) [144kB] Pelicans (3) [130kB]
??? ??? heron (1) [92kB] ??? ??? heron (2) [112kB] Emus [182kB]
Wallaby [157kB]

Relaxing wallaby [181kB]
Koala (allegedly) [185kB]

Bottle tree (and bottle tree admirer) [184kB]
Echidna [128kB]

Tree kangaroo [178kB]

Farewell Perth

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